Club F.O.D Branches

Since the charity has begun to expand, Club F.O.D has moved from a service driven structure to a locality driven structure.

This ensures that branches are able to meet the needs of LGBT+ locally and only delivers services that matter to them rather than trying to deliver every service available. This also allows branches to take ownership as a local/regional level and leaving the trustees to concentrate on strategic development.

Every branch is required to sign up to an agreement to ensure they:

  • Operate under delegation from the board in line with agreed processes and within a protective framework set by the charity
  • Fundraise for and spend their own budgets
  • Choose which services and activities (from a centrally agreed menu of services) meet the needs of LGBT+ people locally
  • Build and maintain their only volunteer resources
  • Work with other local LGBT+ partners to further charitable objects
We now have three active branches.

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