About Club F.O.D

Club F.O.D began in May 2019 as a regular dedicated LGBT+ Night in Reading, Berkshire.  Reading had lost its original Gay Bars and local venues who had tried to put on Gay Nights tended to target the students and would only put a midweek night on that started while most of us were going to bed ready for work the next day! 

The ethos that underpins our LGBT+ Nights:

  • Our aim is to provide and promote dedicated and comfortable safe spaces in Club, Bar and Café environments for all members of the LGBT+ spectrum
  • Events are organised by the local community for the local community
  • Our events are non-profit event(s) that actively fundraises for Local LGBT+ charities in Reading
  • All activities and Entertainments are self-funded through ticket sales, donations, Sponsorship and fundraising
  • Our events are run and governed through equal representation sourced from the local LGBT+ community

As we have developed our services, this ethos continues to underpin what we do.

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  • Jamie Wake