Meet the Team

Club F.O.D has no paid employees. Every person involved volunteers their time freely as they want to make a difference for the LGBT+ community locally. 

We all have different roles and responsibilities to ensure the day to day activities of Club F.O.D take place


The trustees make the key financial and legal decisions and are responsible for ensuring that Club F.O.D adheres to its responsibilities as a charity.

Our initial trustees are:

Jamie Wake – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Laurence O’Meara – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Brendan Nagle – Trustee with Oversight (Club F.O.D '@')


The Club F.O.D committee oversee the planning of our events and activities. The committee currently consists of:

Mark Young – Treasurer
Suzie Cowden


The FOD Squad consists of everyone you will see at one of our events or part of our virtual offering. There are two different groups at our events: The Door Hosts and The Floor Hosts. The Door Hosts welcome every person that comes through the door and The Floor Hosts circulate to make sure everyone is spoken to and answer any questions that may arise. You will also see them shaking buckets!

As well as the Trustees and the Operational Team, The FOD Squad includes:

'Viola Tucks'
Gloria Rebecca

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  • dj konasir
    A warm Welcoming Team im looking forward to meeting you all
  • Jamie Wake