'FOD Wad'

We're sure you have heard of the Pink Pound?

Well here at Club F.O.D, we have created our own community currency: The 'FOD Wad'!

Obviously we haven't created a 'real' currency: it's a virtual currency that has been created to help us measure support for our goals, as well as measuring the effort needed to build relationships with our supporters. Whilst every donation received made makes a huge difference for the LGBT+ Community, every share, interaction or engagement is just as valuable. Our Community Currency reflects that.

Our supporters earn 'FOD Wads' every time that they comment, interact or engage with Club F.O.D through the website or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. 

Whilst you won't be able to spend your 'FOD Wads' in the shops, we're looking at different ways we can reward our supporters who have earnt 'FOD Wads' 


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  • Jamie Wake